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Why hiring a personal trainer may be right for you.

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You may have made a commitment to get in shape and lose weight as a New Year's resolution or to get ready for an impotant life event like a wedding, vacation, or school reunion. Maybe you've made a conscious choice to live healthier or want to train for a specific sport. Whatever the reason, some people find that their lack of motivation and/or knowlege is the hardest part of getting started. Personal Trainers will design a program that will work for your lifestyle and fitness goals. A Personal Trainer can guide you by introducing you to the equipment while taking into account your fitness level and your goals, making your workouts more productive and effective. A Personal Trainer can also help you break through weight barriers and train for specific sports.

American Family Fitness offers many training options. To find out more contact us .

Find out more about our professional trainers below.


Daniel Zukich

- Graduated from Binghamton University with an Economics Degree in 2012.

- Division 1 athlete on the Binghamton University Track Team.

- Competed in men's Physique at the Arnold Classic took 4th place overall.

- Certified with the International Sports Science Association 

- Fitness Model worked with UnderArmour

- Sponsored Athlete with Puritan's Pride Myology Series Supplements 

Training Specialties 
- Muscle Gain
- Fat Loss
- Athletic strength and conditioning 
- Injury Prevention 

Social Media
- Instagram - @Dadozuk
- Facebook - Daniel Zukich

I started my serious fitness training at the age of 19. The real reason I did it was because I was not happy with the way I looked and felt about myself and needed a change, I was tired of being the tall skinny kid. Once I put my mind to it I became very dedicated going to the gym daily and started to work with my diet to see what would give me the best results. By the age of 21 I was well on my way to achieving the goals I set for myself, and in the process many people asked me for advice in which I realized I loved helping people achieve their goals as well and got my Personal Training Certification with ISSA. I knew that if I applied what I learned over the years with my trial and error methods with the combination of my work at Binghmaton University's strength and conditioning program all tied in with my ISSA learning, I would be able to help any individual no matter the sex, age, weight, etc reach their goals! 

- I personally know what it feels like to not have the body you want and the affects that has on you. The wait is over join TeamZukich and achieve the body you always wanted! 


Elizabeth Rinaldi

Certified personal trainer - NCSF/NSFA
Certified Nutritionist
10 yrs training includes:
high school athletes/college athletes/senior training/corporate training/fitness training
Trained clients for Pro Figure Competitions
My cliental is very diverse. Every client is different. Different goals. Different needs. Different lifestyles.  I personally meet with each NEW client for a consult. We cover  Diet/nutrition and Training goals.  You will be weighed in, measured & have your body fat calculated for a starting point. Every 4 weeks you will have this done to see the progress being made. 
Contact information:


Donna Danaher

Education:   St. John Fisher College, Rochester, NY
                   BA Communications
                   Attended on a full athletic scholarship


National Certification for Personal Training through
American Council on Exercise - ACE –current since 5/03         
CPR-renewed every two years
YMCA Principals of Health and Fitness
YMCA Personal Trainer


Continuing Education Courses:                                    

Exercise and Arthritis
Breast Cancer Recovery Program             
Exercise and Heart Disease                      
Training the Athlete over 50                     
Basics of Cycling                                       
Basics of Running                                               
Help Client Lose Weight                                     

Exercise for Knee and Hip Replacement
Golf Conditioning Specialist                     
Winning Sports Nutrition
Kinetic Anatomy

Continuing Education Courses:



Three-time Volleyball
All American
Highland Park 10K
Dorchester Park Triathlon
Boilermaker 15k

Bridge Run ½ Marathon

My clients are adults looking to improve their strength, balance and flexibility for a better quality of life.


Sue Korutz

Certified Personal Trainer – Fitour

Certified Health & Wellness Consultant – AFPA


I have been involved in fitness most of my life.  I played tennis and volleyball in high school and have been strength training with American Family Fitness since the early 80’s.  Within the last two years I have completed a Warrior Dash as well as a local Mud Run.

I train clients who range in age from 30 to 60 years with varied goals and needs.  I initially meet with clients to discuss a plan of action based on their goals.  This consultation is free and includes a weigh in, measurements, and body fat calculation.  In addition, meal planning is also discussed to help achieve the best and safest results.  All of these criteria are reviewed and evaluated within 4-6 weeks into the program to gage progress and make adjustments if needed.


Certifications & Continuing Education:

Indoor Cycling
Piyo Live
Group Fitness
Golden Age of Fitness



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