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Who We Are

Ferre Institute is a not-for-profit based in upstate NY whose mission is to promote the health of individuals and families by providing information and education about genetics, infertility, environmental exposures, and family history.  Ferre strives to integrate advances in these areas into personal health management.

In 2008, the Lesbian and Gay Family Building Project, at the time a project of Ferre Institute, received a grant from the Genetic Alliance to customize their “Does It Run in the Family” toolkit to be inclusive of LGBT families.  The toolkit included two booklets, entitled “A Guide to Family Health History” and “A Guide for Understanding Genetics and Health,”which were then used to engage the LGBT community in upstate New York to assess how family health history is being used in everyday health care. 

Ferre Institute has created this website as a means of continuing to raise awareness of the importance of family health history in the LGBT community.  In addition to other useful resources, the customized booklets are being made available on this website for all to download and use as a guide for assessing what information may be important for personalized health.

The content of this website and materials included have been developed by...
Ferre Institute Family Health History Project
Luba Djurdjinovic MS
Erin E. Houghton MS CGC
Shanon Kolb Nasoni
Adrienne Sullivan

Lesbian and Gay Family Building Project
Claudia Stallman
Karen Armstrong